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Seaeye Falcon ROV

DSMC own and operate one of the most successful and powerful inspection ROVs of it's class, the Seaeye Falcon. New in 2018 our Fibre Optic Falcon has the latest advanced iCON™ intelligent control software and the following spec:

  • Depth rated to 300 metres.

  • Fibre Optic System.

  • Blueview M900-130 Multibeam sonar fitted to Pan & Tilt.

  • Kongsberg Colour zoom camera 18:1 fitted to Pan & Tilt.

  • Rear facing Bowtech colour camera and lights.

  • Forward facing LED dimmable lighting.

  • 390 metre tether on a manual lightweight winch.

  • 10 metre deck lead from winch to control station.

  • 3 jaw manipulator with soft rope cutter.

  • iCON software and integral video recorder.

The Falcon ROV is a powerful yet lightweight modular system ideal for operating from a small craft such as a CTV or crew boat. It is transported in a number of flight cases that can be loaded from a van to a vessel by hand and mobilised in a matter of hours.

Machine Specifications
Power Requirements
Standard Configuration / Tooling

*supplied with mobile, silenced, diesel generator if required

Additional / Optional Tooling
Standard Weights and Dimensions for Shipping
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