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Commercial Diving

DSMC are a British-based HSE Registered Commercial Diving Contractor operating within the 0-50 metre depth range using Surface Supplied Diving Equipment (UK Limit for air diving operations).

DSMC are fully compliant with the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 (Second Edition) and with current relevant industry standards as defined by ADC and IMCA.

Company diving assets include multiple spreads of surface supplied diving systems. These spreads range from lightweight surface supplied 'scuba replacement' packs which are ideal for a rapid mobilisation onto smaller vessels at short notice or for shallow water operations such as cable shore-ends up to containerised "plug and play" spreads. We can also provide bespoke spreads capable of being assembled onto or within a vessel to maximise available space onboard. In addition to our offshore equipment we also have bespoke road mobile systems built into highways compliant vehicles for inland requirements such as structural inspections and inshore waterways. All of these options can be integrated with our hydrographic survey positioning equipment.

DSMC's hydrographic positoning equipment can be integrated into our video recording equipment allowing the diver's real-time depth and positioning (presented in X,Y or latitude and longitude) to be recorded to the text overlay on the picture. This equipment has been proven to be invaluable on recent projects requiring pinpoint accuracy and reporting. Additionally diver track-plots, CSV files, object subsea location data and vessel / anchor postioning data can be recorded and submitted on request.

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