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Excavator Salvage

UK South Coast

DSMC were contacted by VBMS to assist their salvage division "SMIT Salvage" to support operations recovering a long reach excavator which had become stranded during preparation work on the export cable for the nearby Rampion Offshore Wind-farm.

DSMC responded rapidly to mobilise a shoreside DDC and the Katabatic DSV for diving operations in order to search the area around the stricken machine and reduce the UXO risk to allow the issue of the ALARP certificate.The task of removing the build up of seabed material from around the excavator tracks could now be completed safely. The work to prepare the machine and then  recover using a shear leg salvage barge followed with support from DSMC divers and land based surveyors monitoring the machine for any unplanned movement.

Excavator Salvage
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