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Medical Cover

Black Sea, Bulgaria

In early 2017 DSMC were asked to provide technical advice and recommendations for an ongoing scientific expedition to map the seabed in the Black Sea.

Many months of consultation and planning followed leading up to the subsea element of the project in the early Autumn of 2017.

DSMC shipped a DDC to Bulgaria accompanied by our Diving Medical Technicians and DDC operators. The system was mobilised onto a landing craft in support of the deep diving operations.

The project is one of the largest maritime archaeological projects ever staged and has been investigating the changes in the ancient environment of the Black Sea region including the impact of sea level change during the last glacial cycle. Isolated from the world’s oceans, as global sea levels fell during the glacial maximum, the Black Sea was then reconnected as the earth warmed and sea levels rose.

Throughout 2017 the team of world renowned marine and maritime scientists from the UK, Bulgaria, Sweden, the US and Greece utilised the DP vessel Havila Subsea with MMT / Reach providing specialist hydrographic survey capability and world record breaking technology including deep water work-class ROVs and divers being utilised to investigate and document the findings from the deepest depths of the Black Sea dating back to when humankind first took to the oceans.

The expedition is being filmed by the award winning documentary team of Black Sea Films.

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