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Hydrographic Surveys

Reliable and Accurate Positioning

DSMC utilise high specification hydrographic positioning systems in support of our diving and ROV operations. Combining survey systems with our other equipment spreads allows us to:

  • Return directly to objects on the seabed again and again quickly and easily saving bottom time and maximising production in tidal windows.

  • Avoid known subsea assets and obstacles such as cables or ordnance when laying anchors for operations.

  • Ensure that seabed searches are completed accurately and completely by utilising USBL systems to record the ground covered.

  • Provide evidence in the form of track-plots to UXO risk assessors to prove that search areas have been suitably covered during the investigation.

  • Record accurate three-dimensional positions during subsea surveys and structural inspections giving positioning and height.

  • Allows us to accurately record and present data from surveys and inspections to a specific height datum such as ordnance datum via triangulation of multiple satellites.

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