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Inspection Class ROVs

DSMC can provide  ROV options with qualified operators to suit different situations ranging from small crawler cameras for work in pipes and culverts through to much larger "flying" inspection class machines for open water tasks.

ROV's are often used for tasks where diving may not be preferred or to complement diving operations.

Our personnel are trained and competent in the use of most Seaeye machines and have worked with a number of the industry standard 'suitcase' systems such as those produced by Videoray and Seabotix.

DSMC own and operate one of the most successful and powerful inspection ROVs of it's class, the Seaeye Falcon. New in 2018 our Fibre Optic Falcon has the latest advanced iCON™ intelligent control software. For more information on our Falcon follow the link below to view its specification, abilities and requirements.

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