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DSMC are proud to support

 The Men of Oar

when they row the Atlantic in December 2018.


You can support them too and help them raise money for both Bowel Cancer UK and Combat Stress.

Just click the link below to donate

Talisker Whiskey Challenge

The Challenge

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is an annual race from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua.


In mid-December, approximately 20-30 crews will set off to row the 3,000 nautical miles to Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua. The fastest crews will make it in 5 weeks but for the slower boats spending over 90 days at sea is not unheard of.  From the moment they leave La Gomera, all rowers go through the same routine - eat, row, sleep repeat - 2 hours on, 2 hours off until they see the welcoming sight of the coastline of Antigua. 


Less people have rowed the Atlantic than have climbed Everest or been to Space.  Perhaps it is the daily 20 foot waves, perhaps it is the thought of spending 7 weeks on 8 square metres of floating fibreglass with three other men with only the promise of blisters aggrevated by salt and the chance of spotting a mythical sea creature to ease the boredom, or perhaps the view from the rowing seat doesn't quite compare to that from the highest mountain in the world.  Rowers race not just against the other crews, but against the deterioration of their own bodies and minds.  This is an endurance event like no other - a psychological challenge as much as a physical one.  Regardless of the view, the completion of the challenge is the reward in itself because the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is the World's toughest row.

The Challenge
The Crew


Robin grew up in the countryside of the Scottish Borders.  His thirst for adventure has been developed through his career in the Army, winters spent in the Alps, and the occasional weekend in the Lake District.  A competent rower at university, he qualified as a coach and a motor launch driver.  His most recent maritime adventure was two weeks sailing on the Baltic Sea.


With chemotherapy completed, he has trained over the summer to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon with his fiancee Steph who he married in August 2018.

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Will is a proud Yorkshireman born in Harrogate.  An enthusiastic sportsman, he loves a challenge in whatever shape it comes.  Hitch hiking around Lesotho for six months whilst teaching Biology and Physics, two operational tours in Afghanistan and training the Nigerian SBS to 'play nice' are just some of the experiences he can spin tall tales from to help the crossing go a bit faster for the crew. 


He has personally experienced the impact of mental health problems among close friends and colleagues in the military, and is passionate about the fantastic work Combat Stress do. </