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Project Feedback

Your feedback forms a vital part of our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Any points for possible improvement that you raise are greatly appreciated and will be entered into our Improvement log for review and implementation. Additionally, any pointers on what you feel we are getting right highlight what our clients appreciate and let us know what you value about our services.

Please take a moment to answer the following points truthfully and honestly. We wont be offended!

Oh, and if you are happy to submit a testimonial that we can use in marketing and tendering then nothing is more valuable to our other clients than the opinion of existing customers!

How did you find the overall value for money?
How was our response time? Did we deliver on schedule?
How did you find our Documentation in regards to accuracy, clarity & completeness?
How did you find our communication? Could you contact us easily and did we respond in a timley fashion?
How did you rate our knowledge and experience?
How did you rate the quality of our equipment?
How would you rate our flexibility and effort made to deliver?
How would you rate the resulting quality of the work or service delivered?
How can we use your above comments?

Thanks for submitting!

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